4 Smart Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name for your Website

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Let’s travel back in time to borrow a well-known line from Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet:

“What’s in a name?”

A name may not have meant much to a love-struck Juliet, but if you’re building a website, a name can mean the difference between success and obscurity.

Once you upgrade to one of Wix Premium Plans(highly recommended), you’ll be able to connect a unique domain name to your website, trading in the obscure: username.wixsite.com/sitename/page-url, with a name you choose yourself.


I’m Here to Help you Choose a Name you’ll Love!

Since the name of your website is a decision you’ll live with for a long time, it’s easy to see why, How do I choose a good domain name? is a question I receive almost every day.

In this post, my goal is to arm you with some clear, up-to-date tips, so you can make your choice and avoid the ‘buyer’s remorse’ of choosing a name only to find out later that it’s not quite up to snuff.


Whatis a Domain Name?

As a newbie, you might be wondering, What is a domain name anyway? Simply put, a domain name is the name of your website, it’s how people find you on the web.  My domain name or friendly web address is: www.buildasitewithleah.com.


4 Smart Tips to Help you Decide


1. Keep it Simple and Memorable

According to a paper from Princeton University, the “ease with which people process information, reliably influences people’s judgments. ”  In other words, when something is easy to remember, pronounce and spell – the overall perception is much more positive.  

Since your domain name is often the first thing people will notice about your website, steer clear of clever ‘play-on-words’ type of names, and aim for a name that will tell visitors at a glance what your site is all about.

Other no-no’s at a glance: Hyphens, slang, numeral substitutions, and the plural version of your name.


2. Shorter is Better

If you keep your name reasonably short, it’s going to be easier to type, to remember and to share. Plus, it has less of a chance of being cut off on social media platforms and search results.  There’s a bit of balance and judgment needed here, but the general guideline is to try and stay under 10 characters and no more than 20 on the high end.

If you go with a name that is too short, it can cause other issues.  For example, if your site was about dog training, you wouldn’t want to go with something like “dogtr.com” as it obscures the meaning and confuses people when it comes to pronouncing the name itself. On the other hand, a longer name can work if it’s something with a logical flow.  “Buildasitewithleah.com” is on the longer side, but the phrase itself is easy to remember, so it works.


3.  Make it Your Own

While it may be tempting to choose a name that plays on the reputation of an existing(and successful) business, you want to focus on building your exclusive following. Be unique and have your visitors remember YOU.

Choosing a name of your own, is also a good way to avoid legal issues. Pat Flynn, a well-respected online business owner, was forced to change the name of his exam prep site from intheleed.com to greenexamacademy.com after he received a ‘cease and desist’ letter for using the branded name “LEED” (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in his domain name.

Lesson here? Avoid a trip to the lawyer’s office and don’t use a name that might infringe on another company’s brand.


4.  Don’t Forget your Suffix

The part of your domain to the right of the dot is called the suffix or extension. Even though there are various types of top level domain extensions available, .com still carries the most weight since it’s the one people already have an association with.

If .com is not available, fret not my friends. Wix offers a total of 33 popular extensions along with guidelines for choosing the ending that’s right for you.  Once again, you’ll need a Premium Plan to connect a domain to your Wix website and I’ll show you exactly how to do that in Lesson 1 of my free guide.


It’s Time to Brainstorm the Perfect Name for your Website!

Grab a pad of paper and begin your ‘brain dump,’ jotting down any ideas that come to mind. Take a second look with the above tips in mind and try to narrow the list down to your top contenders.   Bouncing ideas off a trusted friend or business partner is also a smart move at this stage.  Hey, and if you want to run any ideas by me, feel free to get in touch here.

Wix is very flexible allowing you to connect your unique domain from the get-go or later on if you prefer. Either way, I’ll walk you through it in Step 1 of my user-friendly guide. Click here to go there now.

Note: If you already have a domain name that you’d like to connect to your Wix website, get in touch and I’ll point you in the right direction.


Let’s keep the conversation going.

Now that you know “What’s in a name?,” let’s continue our discussion in the comment area below.  Which one of my 4 tips did you find most useful? What kind of site would you like to build?

I’ll see you there!