4 Show-Stopping Websites Created with Wix!

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Over the last little while, I’ve come across some impressive websites created with the Wix platform. I personally find it motivating how, with a little effort and the right tools, virtually anyone can create a website that is both beautiful and professional.

Once the wheels started turning, I got thinking about how my readers would be inspired by a sampling of these websites — real life examples of the Wix editor in the hands of average people that have crossed the path of procrastination and are well on the road to success.

But I wanted to do more…

Aside from just showcasing these sites for you, I wanted to get in touch with the people behind the scenes to find out what they loved most about using Wix. I think their curated comments along with a sneak peek at the work they’ve done so far will help you:

1) Stop procrastinating and get started building your website today

2) Fill you with some real-life ideas on how to take your site to the next level

Before we move on can I ask you a favor?

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4 Show-Stopping Websites Created with Wix!


1.   Willow Rose Fashions

This ecommerce website features clothing from the brand, My Amelia James. I love the image that was used on the background strip and how you can start shopping right from the home page. (I might have been slightly distracted by the Manhattan Skirt — can you blame me?)

Favorite Wix features?

“I love the easy upload to build my sites and all the plug ins”

2.  www.little-lines.co.uk



This site by Kelly Jones, a UK-based professional graphic designer, does a wonderful job of putting the focus on Kelly’s beautiful line of custom wedding stationery.  Have a look under “Customisation Form” to see how she’s used a Wix form to gather details for each order. Hovering over the image on the product page enlarges it to give customers a closer look at the detail and design. Take a cue from Kelly and don’t be afraid to leave some ‘white space’ on your site. It gives the eye a place to rest, making the important information even more appealing to visitors.

Kelly’s favorite Wix features?

“I like that with Wix you can create a one page website very easily. If you don’t complicate the design too much, a one page site is a great option for smaller sites because it looks pretty good both on desktop and mobile. So you don’t have to worry about the world of responsive website design – great if you’re a beginner!”

3.  Motor City Decal Co.

Motor city is taking decals to the next level with a variety of products ideal for adding a personal touch to your vehicle, home, school supplies and much more. The logo and opening image immediately catch your eye, and once again, you can start shopping from the landing page. With so many products, it’s very important to keep the site organized for a positive shopping experience. Shop owner, Melissa has done a nice job of using dropdown menus for this purpose. Good thing Wix makes this feature so easy to implement.

Melissa’s favorite Wix features?

“I’m still learning how to maximize my new website and really don’t have much experience with building a site. I didn’t choose a theme to set it up, as I wanted to add exactly what I needed to the site. I have heard from a friend who used the themes, though, that her setup was even easier than mine.

My favorite features so far are the ease of adding new listings to my shop. There’s no lag in time with setting them up, unlike other selling sites that can be a bit more cumbersome. The listings look great right from the start.

I also really enjoy how Wix keeps all of my pictures used in their database, so I can see what pictures I’ve used and it actually helps me know what else needs to be added to the shop. I like how easy it is to move the pictures around until I have just the look I need.

Overall, while there is a bit of learning curve, I’m very happy with the site I’ve developed. Now I need to work on getting it some traffic!”

4.  www.avantgardensfarm.com

An top-notch sampling of what Wix has to offer, Avant Gardens Farm & Mushroomery (I believe I just learned a new word) showcases culinary delights ‘artfully grown’ on a first generation family farm. The opening background images is a stunner and be sure to scroll the homepage to see Wix’s ‘parallax’ effect in full swing(the background moves slower than the rest of the page, adding visual interest and a feeling of depth). Instead of showcasing the products for sale on the home page, like the other sites I’ve featured, Avant Gardens makes use of a stylish “Shop Now” button which takes you directly to their online store.

Corey and Bethany’s favorite Wix features?

“Wix is easy to use and regularly update. It’s intuitive and offers the artful presentation we need for our brand. We love it!”

Feeling Inspired?

I can hardly wait to get this post out to you. Please let me know what you think of these amazing websites all created with Wix! Are you moved to add another feature to your existing Wix website? Or perhaps this was just the motivation you needed to start building a Wix website of your own. Either way, thanks for reading and remember to say ‘thanks’ to all these generous contributors with a like or share.

Until next time…..