How to Add a Blog to your Wix Website

Image via Flickr.

In a previous post, I discussed how blogging can boost your business website. Who doesn’t want to boost search results, engage with customers, build credibility and get to know their customers’?

Adding a blog can help you do all these things and much more.

In this post, we’ll go through the basics of adding a blog to your Wix website. Of course, if you start off with a blogging template, the blog will already be added for you and you simply need to customize it from there.

If not, it’s just as easy to add a blog using the Wix editor. Let’s begin by showing you what the blog icon looks like.

Once you click the icon, a box will pop up. Click the blue button.

Once the blog is ready, you will have the option to Add a New Blog Post or Manage Your Blog.

If you click Manage Your Blog, this is what you’ll see.

Let’s go over the 5 sections on the left side: All posts, Categories, Tags, Insights and Settings.

All posts: Here is where you can easily manage everything to do with your posts, whether they’ve already been published, saved as drafts or scheduled to post at a future date. Click the dropdown menu and click the section you want to work on.

Categories: Categories are a great way to sort your blog into different topics and give your readers a general idea what your blog posts are about.

Tags: Tags are meant to describe specific details of your posts. Think of these as your site’s index words. You can use tags to to micro-categorize your content, whereas categories are used for broad grouping of post topics.

Insights:  Wix Insights gathers statistics from the first day your site goes live. You can use it to get a general overview of your blog traffic and deep dive into specifics such as how many visitors you have, where your traffic is coming from, which blog posts are the most popular and when these are read most and much more. Armed with these vital stats, you can make strategic plans to grow your audience.

Settings: The Wix Blog allows you to update your subscribers every time you publish a new post. First you need to add the Wix Get Subscribers Form from the left side of the editor. Once you do that, you can open the blog manager, go to settings, and enable the Automatically update your Subscribers toggle.

Ready to blog?

While adding a blog to your Wix website is fairly straightforward, writing and maintaining your blog is another story. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought, I promise you you’re not alone. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the first step by adding a blog, and watch out for my next blog post where I’ll give you some actionable tips that will help make your blog a success.

In the meantime, I’m an email/live chat away if you have any blog-related questions. You can also check out Wix’s support forum for an entire section on managing your blog. We’ve got you covered.