Take Your Website To The Next Level

Website Management (1 VIDEO)

How to Manage your Wix Website

Join me on a quick tour of the Wix dashboard where you'll find everything you need to manage your website(s).

Text, Images and Video (5 VIDEOS)

How to Change the Size, Color and Font of Your Text

Learn how to work with the Text Settings to make changes to the size, color and font of any text on your Wix website.

How to Change and Customize Any Image on Your Wix Website

Learn how to change any image on your Wix website and use the customize buttons to crop, add frames, links and more.

How to Add and Upload Images to Wix

A short video designed to show you how easy it is to add/upload beautiful images to your Wix website.

How to Use Image Filters and Animations

Give your images a whole new look and feel by applying image filters and animations.

How to Add a Video to Your Wix Website

Learn how to easily add single or multiple videos to your Wix website.

Optimize Your Mobile View (1 VIDEO)

How to Edit the Mobile View of Your Wix Website

Learn how easy it is to access and tweak the mobile version of your Wix website so it looks great on any device!

Organize Content (7 VIDEOS)

How to Add a Container Box to Your Wix Website

Group elements together using a container box. It's a great way to give your pages structure and style. Find out how, in this short tutorial.

How to Change or Add a Strip to your Wix Website

Horizontal sections are known as strips. In this video I'll explain how to change a strip as well as how to easily add one to any page. Stay tuned.

How to Customize the Header and Footer of Your Wix Website

Learn how to customize your header and footer by adding or removing elements, resizing it, freezing the header and hiding it from specific pages of your Wix website.

3 Ways to Share a Document from your Wix Website

Learn 3 easy ways to share a variety of files directly from your Wix website.

How to Add a Lightbox

Engage visitors and encourage them to take action with a professional lightbox. In this short tutorial, I'll show you how easy it is to add one.

How to Password Protect any Page on Your Wix Website

Restrict certain pages of your site just by adding a password. Watch this short tutorial to learn how.

How to Easily Reorder Pages on Your Wix Website

Change how your site is arranged by reordering the pages. Watch this short video to learn how.

Anchors, Links and Buttons (2 VIDEOS)

How to Add an Icon Button with a Link to your Wix Website

A short lesson on how to add a button with a link to your Wix website. Boost visual appeal and let your visitors know exactly what to do next!

How to Add an Anchor Point and Create an Anchor Menu

Use anchor points to help visitors find exactly what they're looking for. In this short tutorial, I'll explain how to add an anchor point and set up an anchor menu.

Social Bar, Contact Forms and Maps (2 VIDEOS)

How to Add and Set up a Social Bar to Your Wix Website

Link your website to your social media accounts by adding a social bar. In this tutorial I'll show you exactly how to do that!

How to Add a Contact Form and Map to your Wix Website

In under 2 mintues, this video will show you how to add a Google map and custom contact form to your Wix website.

Connect Your Mailbox (1 VIDEO)

How to Setup your Personalized Wix Mailbox in Under 2 Minutes!

In this video I'll show you how to setup your personalized Wix mailbox making it easy for people to get in touch with you at a professional email address.


Next up: 

  • Why you need a logo
  • How to get a great logo on any budget
  • How to upload your logo to Wix
  • Advice on customizing your design
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