Website maintenance

You could have the biggest, most beautiful house on the block but, if you don’t mow the lawn, make repairs, freshen up the paint, clean, dust etc., it will soon stick out like a sore thumb — for the wrong reasons.

It’s exactly the same with your website.

Consider Step 6 your handy checklist of maintenance tips; simple things you can do to keep things looking good, working well and representing your business in the best way possible.


Keep Content Fresh

Check your site regularly to make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. Take a moment to update your website’s copyright year too. Scheduling time to review and update your content shows your visitors you care and builds trust – both important for your long term success.

Hint: Search engines like websites that update frequently with new content.

Add New Images

Change up your images from time to time. Aside from the renewed visual appeal, it’s a great way to give visitors an inside peek at what you do. Think of adding high quality photos from recent events, images of new products(if relevant), behind the scene shots of you/your staff etc. Even if you simply swap out your stock images (remember Step 4?) you’ll be further ahead than if you leave the same old photos up there year after year.  


Stay Mobile-Friendly

Make sure you stay in the game by optimizing your site for mobile viewing. This keeps your mobile customers engaged and satisfied. It can lead to increased sales and bring in more traffic to your site. Wix allows you to change the background of your page, resize your text, customize your menu and hide/unhide certain elements. It’s a big payoff for a few moments of your time.


Use Wix SEO Wizard

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you target what your customers are searching for so that your site is found in search engine results. Use the Wix SEO Wizard regularly to learn how to make specific improvements to your site title, description, page content and image names.
Remember, more traffic means your site is being seen by more people and that’s good for business.

Once you login to your Wix account, you’ll see a selections of apps including the Wix SEO Wizard.

Using the wizard is as easy as clicking the app and following along. The Wizard generates a report with suggestions tailored to you. Be sure to implement as many as you can and you’re on your way. You can thank Wix for making SEO super easy for it’s users.


Create a Page for Testimonials/Reviews

There’s no quicker way to establish credibility than to have real, honest testimonials from your customers and business partners. Showcasing these on a dedicated page on your site is a smart move. Once you have around 3 to 5 gathered, go ahead and add them to your site — update this page as more reviews come in. Super easy and super effective!

Tip: In Step 2 (see video 9), I show you how to add this feature using a Wix app called “Social Testimonials.”


Promote your site via Wix of the Day

Wix of the Day showcases beautiful websites created by Wix users just like you! You worked hard, your site’s looking awesome; why not give it a boost by emailing a link to:  wixofday (at) If your site is chosen, it will be viewed by millions of people. Give it a shot and be sure to email me if your site is chosen – we can celebrate together!

Final thoughts…
Maintaining your Wix website and online presence takes ongoing effort, but it’s absolutely essential if you want to keep moving forward. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself with daily website updates. Instead, find a schedule and process that works for you. Once you get into a rhythm, you’ll find managing your business online is definitely worth your time.

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